Fashion Week Street Styles

We walked around NYC looking for street wear stars, and the streets did not disappoint.

We talked to five great people with beautifully curated outfits about their look and
their life.


Max is a photography and journalism student from Venice Beach, California and
has lived in NYC for almost a year. He’s a warm and creative Scorpio who’s been in love with photography from a young age, thanks to his dad who introduced him into the field, and he’s a surfer that tries to go to Far Rockaway as much as possible.

Max rocked a distressed look of black wranglers, self-hemmed t-shirt, a thrifted
jacket with ripped cuffs, and a gorgeous pair of python cowboy boots. His jewelry was gifted and made by his friends. Jack Broadnax , CEO and designer for “Her Children” designed Max’s bread clip necklace, some bracelets, and a few of his rings. Darien Gervitz, a local artist back at Venice Beach, gifted him another ring for his birthday. Max also had on vintage Navajo cuffs and a St.Croix bracelet. He said his “fashion red flag” on a first date would be “fast-fashion”.

After an eventful fashion week, Max expressed that he was “along for the ride”
and would go to any events that came his way.

Ig: @maxtardio


Wisconsin native turned New Yorker, Jacob, has been a resident since January
2021. This professional stylist and confident Leo was originally supposed to plant his roots in Chicago but let us know that NYC was “the place to be”. He dreams to eventually be a stylist at GQ.

Sporting a full Comme De Garçons look with a white button down, striped vest,
and balloon pants, Jacob let us know his many “fashion red flags” which include but are not limited to: ”low-top converse that are a half-size too big”, thin white jeans, button downs that are unbuttoned too much or buttons that are purposefully misaligned, tactical vests, and people that wear vests as shirts– but sweater vests are okay. However, Jacob admitted to being a hypocrite, and said “all my fashion-red flags can be fixed if I see one person wear it well”. He’s open minded and admits that “no fashion trend is irredeemable”.

Jacob was on his way to a Doc Martens event and was wearing his own pair of
Doc loafers, neon cheetah-print Walter Van Bierendonk, and a statement Van Bierendock woven pendant named Pamela. His rings were a mix of Depop, M Jewelers, Elena Valez finds. Jacob’s outfit was bought from Yahoo Japan and Elkle NYC, where he has a few friends that are employed.

Jacob was kind enough to share his Depop secrets with us which were to “find a seller with a low-price posting and the rest of their page would also have low prices” and that you can “bargain your way down to incredible deals, especially for vintage items since people tend to get them so cheap.”

Ig: @jacobmarvinday


Isaac is also from Wisconsin, but was just visiting New York for a couple of gigs
he had booked. He doesn’t admit to being fashionable (though he very much is) and competes with his “Good Buddies” and girlfriend on who’s best dressed. Isaac is a Pisces and a full time photographer that works for “August Shop” and has started shooting since he was 15.

When asked about his “fashion red-flags”, Isaac compared it to if he was on a
date with his girlfriend. “She has a very strong sense of self,” he says. “She dresses however she wants and that's an amazing thing”.The “red-flag” would be if it went anything against who she is.

Isaac was wearing Doc Martens loafers, G-Star pants that he personally
hemmed, a vintage shirt from “Vintage Stitch” in Madison, Wisconsin, and a handmade tote that he originally made for his girlfriend but borrowed it for the trip to “try and look cute”. He uses the tote to carry all his cameras, and also wore a cross-over bag with a very cool vintage camera inside. His jewelry consists of a Claddagh ring (an irish ring that represents love), for his girlfriend, to signify he’s in a relationship, as well as other gifted and thrifted silver rings. His pendant necklace is from his mom and he says “anytime my mom gives me jewelry, I never take it off”. He also rocks nose rings on each of his nostrils because he enjoys symmetry.

Isaac is planning on spending the rest of his NYC trip finishing up his gigs and
“shooting photos” with the “homies” that he’s met through social media.

Ig: @isaacwestberg 


Director and Aquarius-cusp Elijah welcomed SEE/KNOW’s questions with a
warm smile and plenty of laughter. He’s a Philly native in NYC for fashion week and said the best cheesesteak is from “Ishkabibbles” on south street or “Delasandro’s” in Roxborough. “Delasandro’s reigns supreme but Ishkabibbles is open later so you might have a better chance there”.

He was a former model, but now directs short-films, creative ads and music
videos. Most of his outfit was thrifted– from the bright blue dickies (before they came back in style) to the pink button-up. But he has a few outstanding pieces like his custom Britney Spears sweater from Texas brand “444” that also makes handmade tapestries, and his hat from Modern Misfits topped with a pink bow that was gifted to him. During fashion week he tries to always wear his friend’s pieces.

What makes his outfits cohesive is “authenticity” and says that he’s had a few
misses in the past. “What people have to understand is that everyone has ‘misses’ when it comes to their outfits, no one is perfect, it's all trial and error.” Confidence, he adds, is the key to perfectly formulated fit.

Ig: @foxxy_grandpa_


New Yorker, Annalise, was originally from Midtown and moved to the Bronx about
7 years ago. She is a Cancer and a jack of all trades– Musician, singer, and designer. Her music is a mix of R&B, soul, and alternative and has a single “Bad Bitches” that is dropping on September 16th.

Annalise doesn’t necessarily have any “fashion red flags”, she just likes when
people have a good sense of style.

Her whole outfit (minus the T-shirt, which had a funny “Little Miss Hoesmad
meme on it) was Bape, being that she had just shot a campaign for them. She had on Brazilian edition Bape kicks, and a patterned denim suit that even included a bucket hat. Annalise also had on her good-luck flying-pig pendant from Texas. She bore a few of her own designs, a sample purse that had not been dropped yet, her heart-shaped hoops, and her seatbelt and bottle cap clad belt. Her online store is said to drop soon.

Ig: @annaliseazadian