What Popular Levi's Cut Are You?

Owning a pair of Levi’s is synonymous to having good style and knowing what’s good. Finding the right cut? That’s a whole different story.

517 CUT

The 517, like many Levi’s cuts, is an iconic one. Introduced in 1969 as a pair of jeans “for the boot.” Made with 100% stay-pressed wrinkle-resistant cotton. The 517 ushered in a contrast in vibes to the popular bell-bottoms of the times.  It sits at the waist, with a regular leg and a wide opening. The Classic boot-cut fit with the years to prove it. This is the cut in 9 out of the 10 vintage photos you see. 


501 CUT

The 501 is the original blue jean. Designed in the 1890s for actual work-wear. Sitting at the waist with a button fly and a straight leg. The 501 is the “original Fit” jean. The prototype of every pair to come. History in the form of pants. Timeless Levi’s from the 500 set.


505 CUT

The 505—more room up top. First created in 1967—that’s right, during one of the biggest cultural eras in American history, the 505 is very Similar to the 501s. The main difference  is the looser fit through the hips and thighs. Straight-legged. These give you a fit that’s roomy but doesn’t border on baggy. By the way, this is the Levi’s cut featured in Rolling Stones’ iconic album 1971’s Sticky Fingers. A pair of jeans tied to the cultural footprint.


550 CUT

Relaxation for all. Everything about this Levi’s cut feels like leisure. The 550 gives you a slightly tapered leg and a relaxed fit everywhere else. First released in 1985, they’re perfect for pairing with any classic shoe. Depending on what you’re into..the 550 could be your everyday jeans.