Open Bar Funeral released their new collection called Lot 4 “Jazz” at SEE/KNOW with a live jazz performance



The first December weekend at SEE/KNOW, we had jazz flowing throughout the store. No, really— Open Bar Funeral released their new collection called Lot 4 “Jazz”, and to celebrate we had a live jazz band known as the “OG’s” jiving up the shop with their tunes. With drinks sponsored by Everyday Weekend, and a huge crowd turn up, it felt like being at a live underground concert you could also shop at. The vibes were simply immaculate. 




Open Bar Funeral is an NYC-based clothing brand by Mark Nguyen that “celebrates our past by creating the future”.

The brand take the stories from the past and learn lessons and celebrate growth, and encourage others to take this mindset and a healthy way of life, while also reminding you that “Life’s a party” and “they’ll always be around to remind you of that”. 




Lot 4 Jazz was inspired by “experience at the famous Blue Note Jazz Club, OBF explores the world of Jazz through the lens of a performer and what we imagine he would wear on a daily basis in modern society”.

The Blue Note Jazz Club is a famous restaurant and venue located in Greenwich Village where legendary jazz, hip hop, soul, funk and R&B musicians come to perform. Their legacy continues to this day with performances and bi-weekly “newcomer” nights and locations across the world. 




We absolutely loved the mix of streetwear, culture and history in OBF’s new pieces. They represent a beautifully creative part of NYC that continues to thrive in our neighborhoods and now through their clothing.

We are so happy that they chose to celebrate with us, and that we got to enjoy “life’s party” with them.