Here’s some pieces at SEE/KNOW that will keep you warm during the winter.

We are finally reaching the point in NYC’s moody weather to where it is consistently cold. The holiday season is just beginning, and we predict that snow, sleet, and ice is very likely in our near future. So, here’s some pieces at SEE/KNOW that will keep you warm during the winter. 




You cannot survive NYC winter without a stylish hoodie or crewneck. They are essential for two reasons:
1. They are very warm and cozy and make the perfect under layer for your black puffer jacket.
2. If you do not own a good hoodie or crew neck and you live here, you are not considered a valid New Yorker.

The good news is that if you don’t own either, The New Blue
Collar has some great options for you. Their clothes are high-end, can be used on an everyday basis, and can keep you warm. Hoodies and crewnecks are also great to own during any other season, and you can layer them to your liking.



Heavy clothing is key to keep that torturous, cold wind away from our skin. We’re used to adding on the layers for the top part of our body, but we have to protect our legs as well.

A workwear pant is perfect for this, as they tend to be heavier than regular pants. They’re also long, and have tight fabric to prevent the wind from breaking through. You’ll want to go for something like this, or a heavy canvas pant, or denim jean, to keep your legs from becoming icicles this season. We have some great options that will also give your winter outfit a colorful pop.  



You know that phrase, “cold hands, warm heart”? Well, actually cold extremities like hands and feet will make your whole entire body feel cold. Your heart might be warm (for now), but not covering up these things will quicken your way to hypothermia.

Socks are a NON-NEGOTIABLE item for the winter. If you keep your toes warm, the rest of your body will follow suit. Luckily for you, our Lucky Socks will do just the trick!



Last, but certainly not least, you need to have a jacket in your winter closet. I was talking about the famous black puffer earlier in this article, but truly any kind of jacket that is heavy and keeps you warm will do the trick.

For example, this wool coat from Allybird Vintage will do a good job of retaining your body heat once we reach those freezing temperatures. You will not survive this winter without a coat or jacket on top of the rest of our outfit, so make sure you have one!