SEE/KNOW is now partnering with SLAM and LeagueFits to create the ultimate one-stop-shop for everything emanating New York’s fashion trends.


323 Canal Street underwent an incredible transformation after a few weeks of renovation. SEE/KNOW is no longer alone, having partnered up with SLAM and LeagueFits to create the ultimate one-stop-shop for everything emanating New York’s fashion trends. Now you can find curated vintage, hoop wear and streetwear all in one location.




On Friday, February 10th, we held an opening party for VIPs to step into the shop and experience the fruits of their labor. On the 11th, the store was open for a public celebration– both parties were wild. The interior was fitted with racks full of every brand, a new DJ booth with amazing tunes, and a fully-stocked bar that served cocktails and Brooklyn Brewery beers. The parties have paved the path to nothing but success– and it’s only the beginning. 



We sat down and spoke with owner and partner Dennis Page, the man behind the operation. He began speaking about SEE/KNOW, a brand that was originally an e-commerce platform for emerging streetwear and vintage that was born in June of 2022. 323 Canal Street became SEE/KNOW’s first physical location in September of 2022, and had no shortage of events and brand pop-ups during its solo experience. 



SLAM is a basketball magazine that started in 1994 and is still hugely successful 29 years later. The magazine is still published six times a year, and SLAM has developed a huge online following throughout the years, with “a digital footprint of about sixteen million people”. 




League Fits started out as an instagram channel about six years ago, and highlighted NBA stars “flaunting their outfits in the tunnel before the game”. The instagram account showed another side to these players, who were very much into fashion and sporting luxury pieces and street-inspired outfits. 



“We had bigger aspirations, and bigger goals,” Dennis said, “Being a part-owner of SLAM and the investor of SEE/KNOW, is there a way to integrate SLAM and League Fits?” Indeed there was– the idea was to provide a store that appealed to all people interested in fashion.




SEE/KNOW provides the vintage, League Fits will represent emerging streetwear, and SLAM is the center of hoop culture. The brands happened to overlap and create a perfect fashion blend for various styles. Dennis calls it “a new age boutique,” and now you can visit it for yourself at 323 Canal Street.