SEE/KNOW’S Housewarming Party

On Saturday, September 10th, SEE/KNOW held their first opening party.

On Saturday, September 10th, SEE/KNOW held their first opening party. We
invited a handful of New York’s most stylish and celebrated with house music, hard seltzers and Brooklyn Brewery Beers. Everyone was laughing between conversations, taking pictures and trying on pieces from our vintage collections and designer brands.

After a few very crazy weeks, SEE/KNOW finally made their virtual platform a
reality with a physical store. It was a true adventure, to say the least, with one of our employees mentioning that there was “actual blood, sweat, and tears”. At first, we were prepared to call the Lower East Side our home, but then we found 323 Canal Street and signed the lease in less than 24 hours. Only two days after picking up the keys, on August 17th, we got straight to work. There were only ten people, and nobody had a set job– what needed to be done, had to be done. After 14 days, SEE/KNOW staff were able to open their doors.


The guests that came to check us out were colorful and excited, with various
fashion senses and personalities that perfectly personified NYC’s young and beautiful.They were comfortable in this space, freely able to express who they are, which embodies SEE/KNOW’s brand and goals. By great coincidence, the store opened during New York’s 2022 Fashion Week. We were able to celebrate our fashion at the perfect time, and we’re so excited for what’s to come.

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