SEE/KNOW Fall Essentials

Everything you need to have in your closet for this season

When it comes to Autumn, especially the fall season in NYC, the weather tends to play games with us. Sometimes it’s too hot, sometimes it’s too cold, and that changes not only throughout the season, but within a 24 hour day. The key to looking good, and keeping yourself comfortable every fall season is layering. 

We’ve collected a few of our fall essentials to show you what you’ll need for the next few months.



Jeans are an essential part of most seasons, but most especially fall. They’re durable, and versatile, and can be used for almost any kind of outfit. They also come in a variety of thicknesses, colors, lengths and styles. We recommend a classic blue jean or a pop of the season’s colors as a foundation for your outfit. Bootleg is highly recommended, but wide leg or bell bottoms are coming back this 2022.

These pants are not too heavy, so when topped off with a basic tee you have a great outfit for a warmer day. You can even throw on a blouse to elevate your fit, or pair it with a crew neck or knit sweater for those cooler days. That’s the great thing about them— they go with anything! It’s exactly the reason why you need a few pairs in your wardrobe. We have a great amount of options on our website or in-store for you to choose from.




For another casual look, or even formal look, chinos are your best friend. They’re a lighter pant, but like jeans, can be paired with almost anything as they also come in a variety of colors. Our Olive Unity Chinos are perfect if you want to add a little extra flair and statement to your look. Pair it with any kind of top and shoe you want, and you’re set.




We all have our lazy, cozy days in watching Netflix or days when we don’t want to wear anything special waist down for our morning Zoom meetings. We tend to feel that way even more so when it starts to get a bit chilly out. There’s a pair of these soft, warm, loose and comfortable sweatpants for everyone. Wear them for the next three days if you want, we understand, and we doubt that your bodega guy will judge you when you go out in them for the second time for your daily bacon, egg and cheese. Sweatpants are a must-have this season, and we have a couple cool ones you can even wear for a coffee date with the homies.




Remember when we talked about layering? That’s where your outerwear comes in. Lighter outer is perfect for this season because it’ll give you an extra layer without all the extra heat from down jackets. Trench coats and windbreakers are perfect for that brisk autumn breeze, and they’re easy to remove when that afternoon sun burns down on you. Get one in bold color for an extra pop to your outfit. Some honorable mentions for your outerwear wardrobe include cardigans, blazers and denim jackets. We have those too.




Last but not least, a good bucket hat will be the perfect finish to your fall look. It’s still too warm for beanies, so to avoid a hot head, bucket hats are light and airy and will also keep the sun out of your eyes. They go with any casual outfit, and also enhances it— so you look effortlessly cool.