A three-day Filipino American History Month event celebrating designer denim brand Cresente Patricio’s new collection.



We had a three-day Filipino American History Month event celebrating designer denim brand Cresente Patricio’s new collection. The SEE/KNOW store decked out the front of the shop with a variety of gorgeous, upcycled, one-of-a-kind pieces on display made by Crespatrick de los Reyes, the brand’s creator. As usual, we had the vibes right in the shop with good music, hard seltzer from local brewing company, Lunar, and some delicious small bites provided by Gugu Room, a Filipino-Japanese fusion restaurant.



We had a great time with our guests and got to know more about the designer, who took the time to tell SEE/KNOW his origin story. Crespatrick was working in denim factories in LA when he noticed a lot of the wash samples were sitting around unused for as long as ten years. Wash samples are denim tests used to test how much the denim will shrink after a wash— the samples are marked with lines and numbers to calculate the shrinkage. He saw this as an opportunity: and started taking these samples and making clothes for his friends.




He says “my friends were very supportive, and said that I really had something special here.” So he took the leap and started creating more pieces and eventually his own brand. The shirts and pants are so carefully crafted, made from the finest Italian, American, Japanese and Turkish denim and factory marks from the samples can be seen in almost every piece. “I wanted to tell a story with my clothes, and every piece has its own,” he tells us. “It’s different, but familiar.”



Crespatrick’s latest pieces are an ode to his move to Dallas. “You don’t see a lot of drapery in denim, and I wanted to try something different. The cool cowboy vibes in Dallas really inspired me.” It was an absolute pleasure hosting Crescente Patricio and having the support of our guests. Come visit us at 323 Canal Street to continue the party, and see all the amazing pieces we’ve added to our collection.