Origin Stories

Tracing back the origin to four of our vintage pieces

Ever wonder where your vintage clothes are from? We don’t mean the stores in which they are bought–but their origin stories. The little league softball team that commissioned the vintage Jersey you’re constantly complimented on. Those stories. We set out to find some context to four special items on our site–and we encourage you to do the same with your vintage clothing too. 

Greenwood Eagles Coach Tee 

A google search for Greenwood Eagles pings back a single school with the name. Greenwood High, home of the Eagles. Greenwood, South Carolina. Feels right, albeit the school colors don’t align. It’s probably safe to say this T-Shirt was pre- school spirit re-evaluation meetings. 






Rotelle, INC. Cap

A frozen food company store that originated out of the need for commercial refrigeration. Rotelle INC is believed to have been the largest independently owned freezer company in the United states. Rotelle, INC was acquired by Richfood Holdings in the early 90s. Meaning this hat is a true fossil.






Vintage 90s White Sneaker Stadium Hat

A long-gone 90s era sneakerhead store for the Jordan aficionado. Not much is written about his store online–but it seems that this cap in particular came in multiple colors. Get ahead of your collection with this one.







Coca-Cola Indianapolis Cap

From Coca-Cola’s Indianapolis factory. Now the ‘Bottleworks Hotel. Built by a local architectural firm and opened in 1931. The Hotel’s restoration efforts opened to guests in December, 2020.

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