New Summer Essentials

Summer is here, and so are your new staples for the season.

Feel the rejuvenation of summer with our new Summer Essentials. Whether it's the jeans you just can’t get enough of, the shirt you find yourself wearing every night when the wind picks up--or the bag that’s accompanying you everywhere this season. Find it on SEE/KNOW.

The Shorts


Lets thank the cycle of time that short-shorts for men have returned to the main-stream. Then thank The New Blue Collar for providing you with their core running shorts in black and university blue, for optimal everyday wear.

The Shirt


No Summer is complete without that one Hawaiian shirt. Aloha shirt, whatever you want to call it. The point is you need one at your disposal. Aloha shirts have repopulated in an unprecedented way. Keep yours unique by buying vintage.

The Tee


Everyone loves an interesting graphic tee. The kind that breaks your shell and forces you to compliment the person wearing it. This Great Adventures Roaring Rapids tee in mellow yellow will do just that. Be the one on the other end of the compliment this time and everytime, with this tee. 

The Bag


The weekend bag–an essential summer item if you like to enjoy life. The New Blue Collar has elevated the tote with this stunner of a tote-bag. Cream with straps in university green, and an all around familiar symbol in the bright red apple in the center. Owning this bag is almost as fun as actually using it on vacation. See for yourself.

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The New Blue Collar

Core Running Shorts Black

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Vintage P&M Hawaii Shirt

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Helen The Brand

Great Adventure Roaring Rapids Tee

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The New Blue Collar

Everyday XL Tote Green

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The New Blue Collar

Everyday Bucket Hat Olive

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