Imperfections With Joe

A shift to vintage goods and upcycling has blurred the lines on what marks a good pair of jeans––for the better


One could say finding a good pair of jeans is the equivalent to finding a good friend. They’re with you constantly, through ranging weather and changing times. The longer they’re around, the better they become. 

When it comes to vintage denim, this is exactly the case. It’s also what we want. A pair of jeans that know our bodies and don’t just become part of our story—but add to it, too.  Our Editorial Director shifted the focus to imperfections and the art of wear for the second phase of Capsule One: Denim Daze, with an on the fly interview with our subject.


What Jeans are you wearing right now? 

Levi 501s. They were inherited from my family friend, Terry. He had a bunch of 501s in my exact tailored size. Ranging from completely raw pairs and untouched, to totally torn up like the ones I’m wearing right now. He worked in these jeans, on oil fields. So the knees are blown out naturally. 

How many pairs of jeans do you own? 

Denim is  a big part of my closet. I’d estimate about 12 pairs. Some I don’t wear. Some are girl jeans that I’ve thrifted from Savers.


Are the 501s your favorite cut? 

They’re not my favorite. They’re just a great cut. I’m not great at picking favorites, but I’m good at picking what’s good for me and my personal style. The 501s definitely fit the bill. 



The jeans you’re wearing right now are full of “imperfections.” Which is a big element of vintage. Are you drawn to that? 

I'm really just drawn to things that look cool.  I think it's hard to call ripped jeans an imperfection. To me, they really just got cooler. It’s better. It’s ironic because they're a destroyed pair of clothing, but that’s what I want.



Do you remember your first pair of jeans?

I don’t. But I remember growing up, my family would always have Jeans Day. We’d set a day aside to get jeans–and would travel to Old Navy and do that. My mom would time it out to when they were having a sale. Something about growing up is that, when you’re really young, you just wear non-existent clothes. You know what I mean? There’s rarely any style aspect thrown in.


Right. You’re wearing “Boy Clothes.” 

Yes. Boy clothes. You wear the most basic jeans–you just have to find a graphic tee that makes you laugh a little bit.

I feel like that's the philosophy of a lot of people on the street. The Boy Clothes. Jeans and an ironic graphic tee. Do you have a pair of traveling jeans? A pair that you’ve owned for a really long time. 

Yeah, it would be these 501s. I got them while living at home, and my family friend Terry just came by one day with a truck full of jeans. I still have half of those. I’ve had this pair that I’m wearing since high school. These are probably my oldest pair of jeans. 

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