Good Jeans: Conrad Solaka

The star of our Denim Daze campaign breaks down the rules of denim


What’s chain stitching? What’s a bar tack? What does a 5-pocket design look like? Self proclaimed “Denim Head” and star of our Denim Daze Collection, Conrad Solaka has all the answers to these questions. He knows his way around a pair of denim, looks good in practically any cut, and is probably one of the only guys we know, this versed on denim and its various attributes. 

We let this denim head try on some pieces from the capsule––all the while schooling us on all things jean.




On his favorite Jean Cut

Brand wise I like to say the Levi 646. General cut wise, I would say the boot cut is my favorite cut. Bell bottoms are more of a seventies look, I like it, but I don't want to wear it every day. The boot-cut is my everyday. Sometimes when I wear bell bottoms, I like 'em, but it feels like I'm doing a look, versus just throwing on my clothes.


On how many pairs of denim one should own.

I think you can either be the type to just live off a single pair of jeans. If you buy a raw pair of jeans, it’s nice, because you’re breaking them in while wearing them. They’re becoming part of you. Instead of wearing them once every sixth pair or something. I’m a denim head. I probably have six pairs of flared, light wash jeans. They all serve the same purpose, but I guess I just want them there in case. Overall I probably own 20 pairs.



On wear and tear

The reason people don't wash them is because if you were to throw them in the wash, all the creases that have been built by wearing them would come out. Real denim lovers know this. You’d have to begin to rewear them out. The creases wouldn’t be as contrasted.



There you have it. It pays to have a favorite pair of jeans. Find yours on SEE/KNOW.


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