Feels Like Summer…in Vintage

We’ve taken our second capsule to a familiar and festive place with the Out of Office Collection.


Summer, like many things in life, is a word that comes with automatic associations. A wipe of sweat, the blue of the ocean–maybe the fabric of your clothes. Or the actual clothing items too.  A collective association that only the seasons can offer.


Capsule 2  moves away from the classic element of denim and into the sun with novelty pieces meant to elevate your summer experience. Take this vintage Sears 1980s members only jacket in a delicate blue, pictured above. Outerwear isn’t reserved just for fall. It’s for breezy nights on the boardwalk too.

The novelty factor comes in with pieces like this navy western button-up shirt. How many hot summer nights have the red roses above the pockets been witness to?  Authentic Western Youngbloods, the original manufacturing brand, changed their name in 1973 to Hampton Industries, so it’s safe to say this one’s been around for over 50 years.




Just like these powder blue bell-bottoms. Straight out of Levi’s 1970s archive, with the labels to prove it. It’s a story in itself that these two items of clothing are still around. They appear “Like new.” Ready (and made) for another 50 years.





Few things say I’m on holiday–don’t email me like the pieces on the fit above. A vintage zip-up Hawaiian shirt jacket (you read that right), and a bright red Coca-Cola Indianapolis cap. Wear 'em together or in parts, the statement remains the same. It’s summer and you’re doin’ it in style. That’s it, that's the feeling. 


The Hawaiin shirt is so ironically American, and the Out Of Office collection has over a dozen to choose from. All limited. All vintage.


Get into the summer spirit with over 100 pieces. Available now on SEE/KNOW vintage.


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