Terry Cho of Exchange Program debuted his newest drop at the SEE/KNOW store, and we made it a party.

Amongst his limited workwear jackets, hoodies, pants, shirts and hats was a typical SEE/KNOW festivity.

SEE/KNOW provided DJ's playing rap and house music. Drinks were flowing, and the guests came in with all different kinds fits and style.


While Terry was only with us on Friday, the party continued all the way into Sunday.

Terry created his brand during the pandemic, and based the name off of “student 
exchange programs”, where students from other countries got to grow and study in new environments. This reflects back to him, a Korean immigrant, who grew thanks to his community in NYC. He wishes to build that same kind of community through his clothes.


The Exchange Program event was a success, and we are so grateful for Terry for letting us showcase his exclusive drop. The support from everyone that came out to SEE/KNOW continues to grow.

Exchange Program is now a part of our collection, check it out in-store or online. These are pieces you definitely don’t want to miss out on!