Coloring Outside of the Lines: Le Meux

With their latest drop, Le Meux takes popular silhouettes and reconstructs them into novelty pieces.

What is Le Meux? It’s definitely not your run of the mill starter brand.  Hailing from Flatbush, Brooklyn, founder and designer Niyah Kerr is here to elevate your everyday wear with his latest collection.


When’s the last time you laid eyes on an acceptable nylon track-suit? You just did. Le Meux’s Bellow Track top in all black pairs with the black Bellow bottoms. Both with a cement colored contrast at the zipper.

Space Green and Blue Screen Printed KNOW THYSELF graphic crew neck. Wear this in confidence, KNOWing you’ll be stared at all day with this piece. 



Every collection has its star and for Le Meux’s latest– it’s the Boucle Pullover. An intricately designed wool knit pullover, with gray nylon accents, and a matching zipper. The pullover world has never seen such a thing.




At SEE/KNOW we know that no collection is complete without some complimentary headwear. This Le Meux  logo cap hits the mark. All Black with an off-white stitched logo that borders on light gray. Keep people guessing with it.

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