Capsule One: Denim Daze

Here’s something you probably didn’t know. Jeans were invented by Jacob Davis, a tailor from Reno, Nevada. And Levi Strauss––an owner of a fabric house in San Francisco (yeah, that Levi). It was 1873 and Levi and Jacob had an idea for something they could wear to work everyday. Work pants reinforced with metal rivets. This would mark the birth of modern American style, and the beginning of the denim. 150 years later, Denim, the fabric Jeans are actually made of, has taken on a life of its own, reflecting the changing times. Ultimately its inspired our very first capsule collection–Denim Daze.

Today, Denim has taken on every form and shape. It is celebrated worldwide and remains the the number one staple in practically any wardrobe.


Inspired by the everyday elements and stories that a good pair of denim carries. Denim Daze is a collection of over 100 pieces of carefully curated denim. Every piece is unique and has traveled through time and space before being included in this capsule collection.


By the 1940s, Hollywood had begun to add Denim into the curated images of their stars. Notably with John Wayne and Gary Cooper ,who famously wore a pair of indigos as part of their iconic cowboy costumes–on screen and in heavily circulated promo material.


Eventually Jeans were being sought out as casual leisure wear. Something to wear on the weekends..on vacation. Something to just…live in. By the 1950s this thought was universal. Everyone had a pair, and if they didn’t— the looser silhouettes of the 60s would change that.

Today, the variations are countless. Cut-off, skinny, low-rise..high waisted… an endless amount of styles for an endless amount of walks of life. Celebrate the stories of vintage and the evolution of denim with a piece from this capsule.

With a purchase from our collection–a new story begins.  



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70s Blue Vintage Wrangler Jeans

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