Are You A Preppie?

For decades Prep has been a “category” of dress. So, how do you elevate something that’s long been around and whose hallmark is….tradition? You switch the perspective.

 Americans are tired of navy argyle prints and cross-neck ties. What they haven’t seen enough of is—black bodies making these wardrobe classics their own. Prep style has long been a universal symbol of wealth. Take Carlton in The Fresh Prince. Or practically any “rich” character from any film before 2000–and some after it, too.

The thing is prep is for all. Not exclusive to country club members and ivy league alumni…and lucky for you—we have the perfect items to choose from.

The Cap


University wear isn’t just for crewnecks or t-shirts. It’s for headwear too. Unlock your inner proud alumni with this vintage HP Hat. From the shape of it, it’s safe to say this trucker hat is from the 80s. When it comes to the abbreviation though, we can’t help. Harry Potter? Hewlett Packard? Harvard Pilgrim Hospital? Maybe!

The Local Tee


The Crew Neck


 Likely the most precious prep item of all…the college crew neck. Found at practically any college town, new or old…the school sweater is the ultimate prep item. Get cool points with this faded navy George Washington University. Straight out of the most prestigious university in all of North America.

The Jacket

Outerwear is a crucial part of prep. After all, prep originated in the northeast. Enter the pastel checkered prints and wool pullovers. LL Bean, who originally designed this pull-over has long been known as a master in prep-style. With LL Bean you can’t go wrong.

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