Co-Founder and designer of AWR, Jacob Victorine gave us our own gift before the holiday weekend: the art of mending.


Before Santa paid us a visit this weekend, ALL WE REMEMBER stopped by at the SEE/KNOW store. Co-Founder and designer of AWR, Jacob Victorine gave us our own gift before the holiday weekend: the art of mending.




With Jacob's mending workshop, we were able to learn how to take care of our own clothes with purposeful and intentional stitching. Whether it's a missing button, or a slight tear, we now know how to put love and compassion back into our clothing instead of tossing it and adding to the unfortunate pile of textile waste.




ALL WE REMEMBER is a brand that embraces "responsibility" throughout the creation of their clothing all the way into the final packaging. It starts with ecological and ethical production- they work closely with a woman-owned cut & sew manufacturer in Chicago and partner with local dyer Amy Taylor and Green Matters Natural Dye Company in Pennsylvania to botanically dye their products with natural materials such as pomegranates, plant-based indigo and cutch- an extract of acacia trees. 




Their clothes are fully compostable. Most companies that use natural materials still use poly blend or cotton/poly blend sewing thread, but AWR makes sure every component of their products is organic cotton. ALL WE REMEMBER crafts each item of clothing to suit an array of bodies and genders.

Pockets begin from the ribs down, and are sizable- something that is often absent on modern clothes marketed toward women and non-binary people. ALL WE REMEMBER omits the use of traditional shoulder seams in order to offer greater ease of movement on their tops, and their pants are fitted with a drawstring and button mechanism called the 'LICHENIZED Drawstring" so that they can fit a wider variety or wasusizes.




It's in the little details that makes ALL WE REMEMBER's clothing extra special. From the convenient placement of the pockets, down to their wildflower seed tags that offer planting instructions in the form of poetry. It has been an amazing experience learning from Jacob, and seeing what ALL WE REMEMBER has been able to create for the fashion industry and for the world.




During this season of love, peace and compassion, it was fitting to have a workshop with a clothing brand that expresses exactly that on a multitude of levels. We thank Jacob and ALL WE REMEMBER for the incredible time we had and we are proud to have their pieces available in our shop.