A SEE/KNOW Halloween Party

On a dark and stormy night, with fog breezing through the skyscrapers of Manhattan, there was... A SEE/KNOW HALLOWEEN PARTY!

On a dark and stormy night, with fog breezing through the skyscrapers of Manhattan, there was... A SEE/KNOW HALLOWEEN PARTY!




Actually, the weather was pretty clear, and it was a bit chilly, but that didn’t stop our Halloweekend event from being one of the best in town. We had skull shaped punch bowls filled with spooky drinks, great music, and people with some of the most creative costumes that walked through our shop. Not only could you skim through the fabulous new Le Meux collection that was on display, but you could also get a flash tattoo done by the talented Natasha Fortson right in store!




Designer Niyah Kerr of Le Meux hung out with us along with Princess Peach, Tom and Pam, Beyoncé and Zoro, and many more. While the costumes slayed, Le Meux’s pieces were in the spotlight, and we had the chance to talk to Kerr about it. 

Kerr is a Brooklyn based designer who was raised being familiar with fashion thanks to his parents. They got him into sneakers, and people at school started noticing, so as he got older he started learning more about sneaker culture and street fashion and taking it upon himself to put his fits together. He went to FIT, worked in big streetwear stores like KITH, and was always told he needed to start his own collection, and in the midst of the pandemic, Le Meux was born. Originally stemming from the French phrase “le mieux”, meaning, “the best”, Kerr actually didn’t like the direct translation and removed the “I” from the word. He told us “after that change I found out Meux is actually a town in France” and was glad there was still a nod towards the country’s language.




“At the time, there were so few brands bringing the two fashion cultures of SoHo and Brooklyn together”, he said, and Le Meux does exactly that. The collection consists of finely crafted pieces with high quality materials that marry upscale fashion and streetwear perfectly. 

He gave us a little sneak peak into his spring collection that is “based off the original silhouettes of the last collection” but will have “shorts instead of trousers for the tracksuits” and the color palette is lavender toned. One exciting piece to look out for is his button-ups with his take in camp-collared shirts. “What I did is call it a .5 camp-collared shirt, because only one side is a camp-collared shirt but the other side is a regular collar.”

It was an honor to have Niyah with us this weekend to celebrate this spooky season, and the support we received was incredible. SEE-KNOW wishes you all a Happy Halloween, and we’ll see you at the next event!