5 More Minutes with Double Team Vintage’s Marco Vidal

½ of Double Team Marco stops by the studio for some quick questions on vintage and style.

You probably never thought you’d be perusing through the world wide web to find a collection of must-have pieces from Marlboro. During the 1990s, the famous cigarette brand released legacy pieces from their Rewards Program and Double Team Vintage has acquired a good chunk of it, selling it exclusively on SEE/KNOW. We caught up with ½ of the Double Team for some quick insight into their beginnings as a pop-culture focused vintage shop.


When and how did Double Team Vintage come about? 

It was something that my business partner, Denny (Balmaceda)  and I started talking about in late 2018 or early 2019. Both of us––since we've known each other, have been collecting vintage. During the pandemic, like most new businesses did––we had more time to talk about this and felt that it was probably a good time to start it up.




Are you wearing vintage clothes right now?

Yes, I am! This hat is actually a Vintage Entertainment Weekly merch. It’s from 1992. I think it’s a promo hat for the Sundance Film Festival. It could have been a giveaway. My shirt is Vintage LL Bean. 


So most of what you’re wearing is.., 

Yes, I’d say the majority of my wardrobe is, too. Naturally, now that I’m getting older, most of my closet is vintage, since that’s how I’ve been shopping for so many years.


Do you have any favorite pieces?

I do. So, I’m a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan. I really like his movies. So I’ve started to collect different merch from movies he’s been in and stuff like that.  I love collecting pieces that tie back to my interests. 


Do you feel like in acquiring so much vintage over the years, you've gotten better at determining which decade a piece is from? 

Yeah, for, for sure. I think when I first started there would be some tags I would recognize just based on clothing I owned. The details are usually in the tags, and the stitching labels. You start getting good at recognizing good material too. You can feel it, almost.  

Find your new favorite item on SEE/KNOW.

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