NBA players came out this week with incredibly luxe outfits at All-Star Weekend

NBA players came out this week with incredibly luxe outfits at All-Star Weekend. Hoop-culture has deeply inspired fashion trends over the years, and has evolved into basketball wear: a mix of street and sport-wear mixed with high fashion. So what happens when you give NBA players the spotlight to express themselves through fashion? A mix of experimental pieces, luxury items, and a form of expression that you rarely see when they’re on the court. LeagueFits was able to capture some of these moments in Salt Lake City, and we’re here to break them down.



Damontis Sabonis pulled up in a classic double-breasted suit, but kept streetwear accents for a more business-casual look. The high-tops and turtleneck are a beautiful juxtaposition to his clean cut suit and leather briefcase, and are a part of a common trend we are seeing frequently, by mixing street/casual fashion with formalwear.


Here we have Wade (right) sitting court side in a full C’est Bon get up from their 2023 Fall/Winter collection, “Industrial Dialogue”. The collection is “an ode to the Motor City”, Detroit, where creator Mamadou Bah grew up. The full leather jacket is classic Motown fashion, and he pairs the outfit with olive reflective cargos— a piece that fits 3 current trends that are soaring in popularity. He finishes the outfit with a tasteful pair of cream sneakers to bring this elevated 
casual ensemble together perfectly to emanate the marriage of Old Motown and New School fashion.



This look is brought to you by Marni and Rick Owens, and checks off every box of current streetwear trends. From the colorful textured sweater to the sleek cargo pants and the leather crossbody bag, streetwear is known for experimenting with various textures to bind together a perfect outfit. You can see an almost holographic yarn pattern under the black and yellow stripes of Banchero’s sweater, and the chunky jewelry that really make this fit scream 2023. 

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