BrownMill 1-of-1 Pop Up

Brownmill Company brought the party to SEE/KNOW and came through with their latest drop of 40 1-of-1 pieces handmade by co-founder and creative director Justis Pitt and his incredibly innovative team. We had the most immaculate music throughout the store, drinks were flowing and a cosmic crowd turned up. It was the perfect way to spend the weekend, filled with the flyest kids in town and an appearance from Harlem rapper Neek Bucks (you just had to be there). 



The main purpose of the collection is to overall eliminate waste, as Brownmill Co. used a variety of materials including scrap fabrics, misprinted garments, and sourced pre-owned clothes to reimagine their collections. Creating unique sustainable fashion items that are perfect for this upcoming spring, and continuing to make the garments we all know and love. “Our brand and the roots we built the company on has always been utility streetwear at a crossroads with prep, and upcycling fabrics to create unique 1/1 garments was something we've always done, ” says Head of Design, Taha Shimou. 

Brownmill Co. was founded by Co-Founder Justis Pitt, COO/Head of Design, Taha Shimou, and CFO/ Head of Business Development, Kwaku Agyemang, who all met in high school together with a dream to create not only something cutting edge but to bring the community together. Brownmill Co. is inspired by the community of Newark, New Jersey, where their flagship store is located, and the urban backdrop in which it all began. Its designs are heavily inspired by the black and brown cultural experience in America and it is perfectly encompassed in the brand's newest collection with its vibrant colors and iconic patchwork details.



The style of Brownmill Co. is a mix of street and preppy and emphasizes the expression of culture, black history and unity. The brand has created an immense impact on the emerging streetwear scene, and fashion overall gaining attention from current and former NBA stars like Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Andre Iguodala. Brownmill has prospered immensely throughout the years, and we are just so grateful to be a part of it and watch the brand make its amazing impact on the world.

We truly adored the handmade 1-of-1 pieces, as they beautifully represent what makes Brownmill so special, with their distinctive and exclusive designs and leaving a positive and influential impact on the world. We had an amazing time hanging out with the BrownMill Company team, and we are so thrilled to see what they have next in store!